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Watch Video: BlocBoy JB – Sticcs

Watch BlocBoy JB Sticcs Video

Watch BlocBoy JB Sticcs Video

Watch BlocBoy JB Sticcs Video, BlocBoy JB Delivers the visuals for his song Sticcs of his project Dont Think That for his massive impatient fans to hold on to rvrn tho he is presently suing Fortnite for stealing and popularizing his “Shoot” dance,.

If you skipped over that Don’t Think That EP from BlocBoy JB this year, make sure you go back and listen because he had a few slappers in there (you know Tay Keith laced him). The buzzing Memphis rapper has released some videos since, but none have been from the project thus far.

Neither is “Sticcs,” which finds JB revisiting The Purple M&M effort from last year at a house party turning up again. His crew is holding a large amount of artillery, as well as having fun and doing a few dances, including the bird. This is all while Bloc counts his stack.

Watch BlocBoy JB Sticcs Video

BlocBoy JB Sticcs Official Video Shot By @Zach Hurth