Trippie Redd – Me Likey


Trippie Redd – Me Likey

Trippie Redd - Me Likey trippie redd - me likey Trippie Redd – Me Likey Trippie Redd How You Feel

Trippie Redd – Me Likey

Trippie Redd – Me Likey -Listen to a second song from Trippie Redd today called “Me Likey.”
As if “Ghost Busters” wasn’t enough for fans yesterday, Trippie Redd decided to come through and share not one, but two more songs out of the blue today. Having alright highlighted the guitar-driven slow jam “How You Feel,” here goes the second offering called “Me Likey.”

Picking up the tempo compared to “How You Feel,” Trippie hops on this Oz-produced beat and delivers a more braggadocios record that finds him boasting about dropping $80K on a watch and going racing in his new McLaren. “I just spent 80 on a AP/ Tell lil’ baby she can love me or she hate me/ In the brand new Mclaren going racing,” he melodically sings. No word yet as for where this might end up, but Trippie is readying a new album for next month, so it could very well see life on there, but time will only tell.

For now, take a listen to the new song and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

You’s a open mind, you’s a big stain, yeah
You’s a poopy butt, yeah you’s a shit stain, yeah
Posted in the bando with the big gang, yeah
Totin’ sticks and extendos with the big bang, yeah