Teyana Taylor – Rose In Harlem


Teyana Taylor – Rose In Harlem

Teyana Taylor Ft. Kanye West - Hurry teyana taylor - rose in harlem Teyana Taylor – Rose In Harlem Teyana Taylor K

Teyana Taylor – Rose In Harlem

Teyana Taylor – Rose In Harlem -While the discourse has shifted considerable since the release of her latest album, K.T.S.E., there was a time where people were probably more likely to know about Teyana Taylor from her marriage to Iman Shumpert or her appearance in Kanye West’s “Fade” video, rather than her own music.

On “Rose In Harlem,” the album’s darkest track, Teyana explains to her detractors exactly who she is and what she’s accomplished. Kanye’s slow-moving horn melody contrasts to Teyana’s rapid rap-singing, giving the song an impression of someone fighting back against the darkness. The song is also punctuated by an incredibly on-the-nose vocal same (Teyana is the “rose in harlem” if there was any confusion), but it works for the theme of the song.

Has Teyana proven herself on this project? Let us know.

Quotable Lyrics

I just bought my third house
No album out and I got ’em asking
‘What do she do?’ I do everything
I move everything
Put that on my wedding ring
Put that on my baby name