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Skye & Chris Brown – Fairytale

Skye & Chris Brown – Fairytale

Skye & Chris Brown - Fairytale

Skye & Chris Brown – Fairytale

Skye & Chris Brown – Fairytale -I’m not sure where to lead off? First off, DJ Khaled produced this record from scratch with DJ Seezy showing him the nobs and buttons, that’s a story in itself. Skye, a relative unknown, i’ll assume is a pet project of Khaled’s, gets co-billing with Chris Brown, and thirdly, there’s a touchstone video where they re-enact a showmance in a rose-colored room.

The choreography calls for a scenario where both singers swaps places over a single chair. Skye is more prepared for the shoot, pulling up with a squad of dancers, dressed alike just as a bridal party. The brave soul that she is, Skye delivers her performance with oversized hoop earrings threatening to weigh her down.

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For just one moment, Chris Brown sets aside his pessimism to appease a woman clinging to “Fairytale” endings. Maybe Breezy still yearns for one himself, Khaled built his fortress around his baby mother and their son. I guess for Skye, there’s no harm in asking for maximum exposure.

Quotable Lyrics:

No, let me tell you
If I let you squeeze the apple, we gon’ make juice
‘Cause baby, when a real bitch want you
She could give a fuck ’bout rumors
Why would I believe the lies?
I can see you with my own eyes
You’re like a fairytale

Skye & Chris Brown "Fairytale" (Prod. by DJ Khaled) (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)