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Rich Brian (fka Rich Chigga) – Watch Out

Rich Brian (fka Rich Chigga) – Watch Out

Rich Brian (fka Rich Chigga) - Watch Out

Rich Brian pulls up with a new club banger.

Rich Brian (fka Rich Chigga) – Watch Out – Rich Brian has come a long way from “Dat Stick.” Upon winning the hearts of hardened rappers like 21 Savage and Ghostface Killah, the Indonesian viral phenomenon has proven his worth as a viable artist. With a solid debut under his fanny pack in Amen, Brian continues his quest for hip-hop glory with another new single. This time, the rapper’s subdued baritone is contrasted with an unrelenting, techno-inspired instrumental; to be honest, it’s not the most compelling Brian selection in recent memory. There’s something about the chord progression that doesn’t exactly invite much replay value, but it gets the job done.

Lyrically, Brian’s breaking away from some of the more personal introspection of Amen, in favor of the obligatory “when-I-step-up-in-the-club” anthem. And rest assured, when Brian does step up in the club, it’s nothing short of a spectacle. Showcasing a refreshingly self-deprecating sense of humor, Brian reflects on pulling up to the club in an Uber, bigging up Elon Musk in the process; it wouldn’t be surprising to see the charismatic mogul find himself immortalized in hip-hop lyricism for years to come.

Check out the latest fire from Rich Brian, who, as of now, remains hopeful for inclusion on the upcoming XXL Freshman class.

Quotable Lyrics

I been there for 2 weeks
I feel like, counting sheep
Doing numbers like I’m Ed Sheeran
Moving with my A-team
Yeah we staying coherent

Rich Brian – watch out!

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