PnB Rock Ft Tee Grizzley – What’s That

PnB Rock Ft Tee Grizzley What's That

PnB Rock Ft Tee Grizzley What’s That

PnB Rock Ft Tee Grizzley What’s That, Not too long ago, Tory Lanez reminded us of autotune’s staying power, particularly as a masking agent. Among his contemporaries putting the “masking agent” to use, is Philadelphia’s PnB Rock, a rapper who fancies himself an opera singer to the streets.

On his latest stopover project $THE THROWAWAY$, PnB Rock finds the perfect supporting cast to bring forth his message. On “What’s That,” he and Tee Grizzley reflect on the question that persists every time a passerby comments on their appendages. “What’s That” doesn’t delve deep into the innermost thoughts of both rappers. Even though Tee Grizzley is prone to displaying profundity every now and then,

“What’s That” is simply a byproduct of the “stopover effects,” where he and PnB get to brag a little about their respective glow-ups. Come to think of it, Tee Grizzley’s claim to material items was evident from the start. On his “First Day Out,” he went shopping for designer watches, and never looked back.

Quotable Lyrics: to PnB Rock Ft Tee Grizzley What’s That

No safety on this Glock so it ain’t safe to be a opp
She a thot, she look basic, I’ma pass
A hunnid on two hunnid grams, cut the bag
I remember my hustle was cuttin’ grass
Shoot a Jackboy in his face, he gon’ need another mask
She can see my chain from across the club, no cap.

-Tee Grizzley