MP3: Warm Brew – “Butane”

Warm Brew Butane Mp3 Download

Warm Brew Butane Mp3 Download

Warm Brew Butane Mp3 Download :Warm Brew is dropping an album in October featuring the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Dom Kennedy & Jay Worthy. Warm Brew consists of Ray Wright, Manu Li, and Serk Spliff, by way of Venice, Los Angeles.

Their G-Funk sound is inextricably tied to an era in which the Los Angeles Ocean Front was a big player in the rap game. The residual interest in seeing “the Beach” make a fabulous return is still on many people’s agenda, including myself. Warm Brew Butane Mp3

To this day, Venice Beach rappers hawk their bootleg tapes amidst of crowd vendors, fake mystics and illustrators. Warm Brew is conceivably one of them, but not really. Their brand new single “Butane” is all about the hustle to draw cards from a rigged deck, Serk said so himself.

He compared the probability of their success to a ticking time bomb. “Anyone can blow at any minute with the proper accelerant. The hustle and patience is the butane,” he explained.

His partner Ray Wright is equally mindful of the hustle that lies ahead. “Being where we’re from watching your surroundings is a part of every day life. Don’t get caught up in the bullshit, stay on the grind and if they hating u doing somethin’ right,” he added to the group’s overall manifesto.

Warm Brew are among the acts chosen to represent Red Bull’s foray into the music industry. Their upcoming record will come out on October 5th and is set to feature Wiz Khalifa, Dom Kennedy and Jay Worthy, among others. Check out the lyric video for “Butane” while you’re at it.