Mp3: Big Havi – Same Shxt

Mp3 Big Havi Same Shxt

Big Havi Same Shxt

Mp3 Big Havi Same Shxt :The relatively unknown Big Havi’s new “Same Shxt” seems simple at first but the different meanings of the title open up and out, multiplying on every listen. Havi’s tired of the same old same old hip-hop that releases day after day with little originality; he’s tired of grinding every day, doing the same shit to try and make it; but he’s also ready for whatever challenge comes his way, as in, whatever it’s the same shit. It’s all hit home nicely by Havi’s repetitive yet melodic flow. Mp3 Big Havi Same Shxt

“Same Shxt” comes two months after Big Havi’s guest appearance on B.O.B.’s “TMI” (from the recent album “NAGA”) where Havi raps in a lazier, rappier style than in “Same Shxt,” showcasing his versatility. If these two songs are anything to go by, there are big things coming in Big Havi’s future. Listen below:

Quotable Lyrics

N***as mad cause I got, oh well
Still with the same n***as that I came up with, if you ain’t with me, oh well
Bitch I been the shit, still droppin hits, throwin plays man I feel like Michael Vick
In the hotel: five star shit, five star bitch, rockstar shit

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