MP3: Avril Lavigne – “Head Above Water”

Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Mp3 Download

Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Mp3 Download

Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Mp3 Download – We’re almost there! The great Avril Lavigne drought comes to end in a couple of hours when “Head Above Water” hits iTunes at midnight.

The Canadian pop/rocker, who has been battling Lyme Disease for the last couple of years, shared the official cover art this afternoon (September 18) as well as an extended snippet of the song. “God, keep my head above water, don’t let me drown,” she sings on the chorus. “It gets harder, I’ll meet you there at the altar as I fall down to my knees.”

As previously mentioned, “Head Above Water” chronicles the 33-year-old battle with ill health. “I spent the last few years at home sick fighting Lyme Disease,” Avril wrote in an emotional letter to fans. “Those were the worst years of my life as I went through both physical and emotional battles.

I was able to turn that fight into music I’m really proud of.” The enduring hitmaker’s new single was written at her lowest ebb. “I had accepted death and could feel my body shutting down,” she revealed. Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Mp3 Download

“I felt like I was drowning,” Avril confided. “Like I was going under water and I just needed to come up for air. Like I was in a river being pulled in a current. Unable to breathe. Praying to God for Him to help me just keep my head above the water. To help me see through the stormy weather.” See the cover art up top and a preview below.

Avril Lavigne- Head Above Water (Lyric Video)