Mick Jenkins – What Am I To Do?

Mick Jenkins - What Am I To Do?
Mick Jenkins – What Am I To Do?

Mp3: Mick Jenkins – What Am I To Do?

Mick Jenkins has once again emerged, Hydro-Man-esque, from a small body of water. In the wake of lead single “Bruce Banner,” the lyrically gifted Chi-town emcee has served up yet another offering, this time linking with frequent collaborator Kaytranada. Few can boast such sturdy Canadian relations; rumour has it that Mick has actually been named an honorary Montrealer in the wake of his “514” anthem. Today, the pair have released “What Am I To Do?” in which Mick takes to Kaytra’s soulful instrumental with a restrained bout of clever analysis.

Though not as overtly braggadocio-fuelled as his previous offering, Mick’s trademark wit remains on display, proving the man can turn-a-phrase alongside the game’s most silver-tongued. “They gave us nothing, had to hustle same way coffee cook,” raps Mick, lacing one of many simple yet effective images. Effortless is perhaps the best way to describes Mick’s delivery on this one, and while it may not be as immediate as its predecessor, fans will no doubt appreciate kicking off the week with some new Jenkins.

It’s as of yet unclear whether this single will appear on his upcoming Pieces Of A Man album. Let us wait and see.

Quotable Lyrics

Ali’s jabbin’ them shit feel like hooks
The less you got stuffed in your pocket books
The more these policies just sound like crooks
They give me sloppy looks
They gave us nothing, had to hustle same way coffee cook
Early morning grind trying to help these n***s wake up
Etch A Sketch flows, I got the shit to shake up