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Lute – West 1996, Pt. 2 Album (Stream)

Lute – West 1996, Pt. 2 Album (Zip Download)

Don’t sleep on this.

Earlier this week Lute premiered his track “Premonition” that offered features from Dreamville labelmates EarthGang and producer Cam O’bi.

Today Lute is back to deliver us what he promised, West 1996 Pt. 2, which is the follow-up to his 2012 album West 1996.

The 11-track project is an “accumulation of chapters and events” that lead up to Dreamville signing him. In a documentary, Still Slummin’, he put out before the album he added, “it’s a window into the last five years of my life: the obstacles, the challenges, the changes.

It’s also motivation to not let people or circumstances define who you are. My only competition is the person I was yesterday. I’ve been patient and very appreciative of this platform and now its time to show what I’m capable of.”

The whole projet is easy listening that boasts gospel feels, smooth drum beats and lots of jazzy vibes with Lute just coming in easy over every beat singing a some inspirational type vibes.

A notable track would have to be “Crab In A Barrel” because Lute tweeted that it’s the only song where he didn’t write the lyrics on paper, instead he just sat at the mic and let all out.

The song has notable lyrics such as, “Fuck what they say that you can’t do/ Most niggas mad ’cause they ain’t you/ Never be defined by the pictures they paint you/ I got way more blessings than enemies, but hear me well/ Don’t let the dad persona fool you, I’ll still shoot a shell.”

Another favourite track is “Ford’s Prayer” featuring Cam O’bi. Lute raps about homies only around him once he’s got money.

“Some days I try to maintain, but I cannot cope/ Like fuck the rap game, where my niggas go?/ It’s funny how they never show face when your pockets low/ But all up in your face when they see just where you tryna go/ You see lately I been tryna blow.”

01. Morning Shift
02. Still Slummin’
03. Home (feat. Elevator Jay)
04. Ambitions
05. Git Up (feat. GQ Slaughter)
06. Juggin’
07. Ford’s Prayer (feat. Cam O’bi)
08. Crabs in a Barrel
09. Premonition (feat. EARTHGANG & Cam O’bi)
10. Birds & Bees
11. Livin’ Life (feat. Hi I’m Ry)

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