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Lil Yachty – Most Wanted

Lil Yachty – Most Wanted

Lil Yachty - Most Wanted

The song will not appear of Yachty’s upcoming “Lil Boat 2” project.

Yachty first gained attention by posting loose tracks on SoundCloud, building a loyal underground that fell in love with his sugary auto-tuned gems. For any artist who works their way up from the underground, it can be difficult to transition without losing your early followers.

For Yachty, Teenage Emotions, his 2016 debut album, was a divisive project among fans due to its varied styles. With the sequel to his breakthrough project Lil Boat on the way, Yachty seems to be reminding his core fans that he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

As a clear reminder, he’s shared a new loose track on SoundCloud that will not appear on the project, and it’s a song that captures the same energy of his old material while still showing evolution in the rapper’s songwriting.

He often sounds like he’s communicating directly with his supporters. “Took a break now I’m back, ’cause it’s what they wanted,” he raps. “All my fans the best.” From the reaction on social media, this is what they wanted, but most importantly, Yachty sounds just as satisfied with what he’s doing: “I’m so happy / Can’t remember the last time I had to fake a smile.”

Quotable Lyrics:
Damn, baby girl look so fine
In that crop top
Why my name always in your mouth
Just like Pop Rocks?
I don’t understand
Take a pint on the jet
Yeah that’s contraband (oh)
Diamonds keep me cooler than a ceilin’ fan
All this drink
Gon’ turn a n—a to the Michelin Man
I gotta slow down, yeah
Fuck that shit, I’m pourin’ up now
And my new choppa hold a hundred rounds
I’m so happy
I can’t remember the last time I had to fake a smile

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