Lil Boii Kantu -514 Album Download


Lil Boii Kantu -514 Album Download

Lil Boii Kantu -514 Album Download lil boii kantu -514 album download Lil Boii Kantu -514 Album Download Lil Boii Kantu    514    Album

Lil Boii Kantu -“514” (Album)

Lil Boii Kantu -514 Album Download -As showed in the introduction to his most up to date collection, the number 514 holds awesome essentialness for west drift upstart Lil Boii Kantu. Conceived at 5:14 AM and weighing at 5 pounds and 14 ounces, Kantu was birthed at the Redondo Beach area of UCLA Health’s Specialty Care offices which happens to sit at 514 Prospect Avenue. In this way, the title of Kantu’s undertaking needs no further clarification.

Checking out at 18 tracks add up to, 514 discovers visitor appearances from names that incorporate Kap G, Coca Vango,Wax Motif, Lil Crow, M.A. da Pilot among a large group of others.

“I feel like standards and ideas that’ll help change the way we consider each other/treat each other/and change our outlooks are missing,” Kantu clarifies of his part in the present current scene of music. “Loads of music out right currently talks excessively on the physical throughout everyday life and less about the profound, and vibrational viewpoints.”