Joyner Lucas – Frozen

Joyner Lucas – Frozen

Joyner Lucas - Frozen

Joyner Lucas surprises his fans with “Frozen” video drop.

Joyner Lucas uses his musical platform to deliver concise messages. “Frozen” his latest offering, is a direct hit against reckless driving, through the guise of a young girl’s take on near-death.

The video depicts an automobile cut to pieces and a girl frozen in time before her life gets taken away from her. The subjected material is not for the light of heart. Joyner always puts a lot of effort in his visual presentation. Give this one a look.

Quotable Lyrics:

Auto pieces all your leak and dripping gasoline
Door is open windows broken glass shattered dreams
Holy bibles open beer bottles at the scene
Now look at us
No more coming home for work and cooking dinner for my man
No more praying for my sins
No more stuntin’ on the ‘Gram
No more Thanksgiving holidays or pictures with the fam
No more vacation plans to everywhere I’ve never been
It’s all gone now

Joyner Lucas – Frozen

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