Ice Cube – That New Funkadelic

Ice Cube That New Funkadelic

Ice Cube That New Funkadelic

Ice Cube That New Funkadelic ,It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a full-length project from the legendary NWA forefather, but Ice Cube has officially returned to the fold. With his tenth studio album Everythang’s Corrupt dropping this Friday, Cube has come through with his latest single “That New Funkadelic.” It’s a marked departure from his previous drop “Arrest The President,” which found the rapper aiming focused vitriol in President Donald Trump’s direction. This time around, however, Cube has opted to channel The Peace Disc, trading in his warrior’s spirit for that of a debaucherous reveler.

“You know the beat’s so sweet like booty meat,” sings Ice Cube, in the track’s opening moments. The instrumental is appropriately fuelled by funk, evocative of seminal figures Prince and George Clinton; synth-tinged basslines and g-funk whistles provide a lush and lively backdrop for Cube’s hedonistic bars. “You know the funk will lingers, all these motherfuckers wanna smell my finger,” snarls Cube, enjoying his royal view of the party.

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Ice Cube – That New Funkadelic (Audio)

Quotable Lyrics to  Ice Cube That New Funkadelic

You know the funk will linger
All these motherfuckers wanna smell my finger
All these motherfuckers wanna fuck my singers
I don’t give a damn, n***a Jerry Springer
California love, California bud
Long as I got it, I don’t give a fuck