Doja Cat – Mooo! Mp3 Download

Doja Cat – Mooo! Mp3 Download

Doja Cat - Mooo! Mp3 Download

Check out Doja Cat’s hilarious new song & video “Mooo!”

Doja Cat – Mooo! Mp3 Download -LA-based rapper Doja Cat has been on our radar for the past few years now, first impacting the site in 2015 with the song “Golden,” but it wasn’t until March of this year when she got her big break and released her official debut project called Amala via RCA Records. Having been relatively quiet since then, Dojo returned to the scene last week with a new song & music video called “Mooo!” which has taken Twitter by storm with its hilarious meme-worthy video & “bitch Im a cow” reference that you may have heard or saw somewhere. In fact, Chance The Rapper & Sango are even huge fans of the song & Doja Cat, giving her praise on Twitter today as well.

he video & song, which interpolates Kelis’ “Milkshake” and references Wu-Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M., finds Dojo singing “bitch I’m a cow,” while she rocks a cowgirl outfit and ​sips a milkshake, eats a burger, and eventually stuffs a few french fries in her nose in the process. It’s a parody-esque video that’s filled with several meme-worthy clips.

Check it out (below) and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Got milk bitch? Got beef?
Got steak hoe, got cheese
Grade A hoe, not lean (not lean)
Got me A1 sauce please
These heifers got nothin’ on me
Steaks high, need a side of collard greens

Doja Cat – "Mooo!" (Official Video)