Diggy Simmons – It Is What It Is

Diggy Simmons – It Is What It Is

Diggy Simmons - It Is What It Is

Diggy Simmons – It Is What It Is

Diggy Simmons – It Is What It Is -Diggy Simmons has been taking a break from music scene over the past few years, but now he’s back. With a new album already completed and on the way, the son of Rev. Run decides to return to the scene today and share the first single It Is What It Is.

Diggy had the following to say about the single’s release, explaining his hiatus in the process. “I haven’t released a music project in 6 years. All due to overthinking my ideas, my OCD, being too invested in the unknown and the fear of an uncertain outcome. For years, I let my irrationalities and the negative perceptions of others overcome what I perceived of myself. Wanting control over everything that happens in ones life and picking apart everything about yourself can greatly cripple growth. Life is imperfect and imperfection is what creates greatness. Although this is still a learning process (a strenuous one, that is definitely not linear), I am accepting that it’s cool if I fuck up and not everything has to be perfect. It is what it is!!!”

Accompanied with a new video, check out the new video and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

On your way try to do it big
Try your best not to do it big
I wanted mama to be proud of this
Start the porsche see how loud it is
Start up in this we could make a killing
Stop the pain we could start the healing
Was in my head around the clock
I had to tell the devil stop

Diggy – It Is What It Is (Official Music Video)