Conway – BLAKK TAPE Ep

Conway – BLAKK TAPE Ep

Conway - BLAKK TAPE Ep

The 10-track EP delivers some classic vibes.

Despite what the naysayers talk about, classic New York style rap will never truly go out of fashion. So long as there are teenagers wearing backpacks, bumping Nas on the subway, the tradition will remain alive and well.

That’s thanks in big part to rappers like Conway, who has just delivered his latest addition to the culture, his brand new EP “BLAKK TAPE.”

The 10-track EP (if you include the Macho Man Randy Savage skit as a track), fully delivers on the classic New York sound. The beats on this tape, primarily produced by Daringer, wouldn’t sound out of place in the 90’s, but skillfully manage to avoid the trap of sounding outdated. Conway flows over the production adeptly, delivering punchlines with the greatest of ease.

Check out the tape and let us know what you think.

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