Carnage Feat. Migos – Waterworld

Carnage Feat. Migos – Waterworld

Carnage Feat. Migos - Waterworld

Migos are dripping all over DJ Carnage’s album closer “Waterworld.”

Carnage Feat. Migos – Waterworld – In what will likely be considered as one of the best songs on DJ Carnage’s new album, Migos’ “Waterworld” is the perfect track to close a heavily electronic affair. The trio has been busy this year, riding high off of the success of Culture II as each member periodically pops up for a guest feature elsewhere. Creatively, Quavo, Offset & Takeoff arguably make their best music together and, as showcased in the first installment of Culture, the group is currently running the game. As one of the premier collectives in hip-hop, the Migos have established themselves in the top spot with their inclusion on “Waterworld” proving the different elements that have risen them to superstardom.

While it may be even more probable to see Quavo or Offset pop up on other people’s songs these days, Takeoff’s involvement in the group has been their secret element of success. The three go in over a more reserved instrumental, although the beat is still incredibly detailed and layered. Quavo’s autotuned verse sounds perfect for this type of track as the trio had previously impressed years ago with Carnage on “Bricks.”

Offering one of the clear highlights of the project, Carnage and Migos have crafted a record that is easy to listen to, while it can simultaneously turn you all the way up. Listen to “Waterworld” and be sure to check out the full album here.

Quotable Lyrics:

You can lose your life at the night show (night show)
I might call a ISO (ISO)
80 go railroad (yee), frog splash-bowl (yee)
Walls of Jericho on Kurt Angle (yeah)
Wrist look like I play with the Bengals
Hunnid racks in my pouch like a kango (ice)

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