ALBUM: Noname – “Room 25”

Noname Room 25 Album Download

Noname Room 25 Album Download

Noname Room 25 Album DownloadNoname drops her new effort “Room 25.” In some genres, not releasing any new music for two years after your breakthrough release is normal behavior.

For a rapper, it’s highly unorthodox. Well, maybe more rappers should follow Noname’s lead. The Chicago slam poet turned goddess MC has spent the two years since Telefone, her remarkable debut mixtape, quietly concocting the follow-up.

She moved to LA, but she’s hardly been seeking the Hollywood spotlight. Instead it’s been a slow and steady grind leading up to Room 25, her long-awaited official debut album.

Feels more like a sophomore LP to me, but I’ll let Noname be the judge of that. Tell us what you think Room 25; comment below.